(HELENA) On Saturday there will be a scholarship fundraiser honoring 19-year-old Blake Becker.

Becker, a motocross professional, died in a bike accident at Canyon Ferry Lake this summer

Blake worked at the Montana City Grill and MTN had the opportunity to talk to his co-workers who came up with the scholarship.

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The Blake Becker scholarship is geared toward machining and welding students at local high schools, as Becker took welding at Capital High School.

“We wanted to do something to honor Blake, and that’s when we came up with the idea to help other students who may need money to get into more tech or tools,” said Julie Steab, Front End Manager at Montana City Grill.

His three co-workers at the Montana City Grill came up with the idea of a scholarship and laid out some of the recent donations.

Julie Steab said if enough money is raised Helena High and Jefferson students can apply.

Blakes family wants to support this, and they have been great, given us their blessing, and they want it all the proceeds to go towards the scholarship and assistance,” said Steab.

Becker’s three co-workers want to make sure his love for engineering and motocross is never forgotten.

The Blake Becker scholarship and assistance fundraiser will be at the Montana City School gymnasium from noon to 6:00 p.m on Saturday.

Blake Becker’s family and co-workers say everyone is welcome to come and celebrate Blake’s life.


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Reporter: Lindsey Ford


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