(HELENA) Helena High School football players will be trained in hands-only CPR after Reach air, an air medical transport service, gave the American Heart Association a $10,000 grant to purchase “CPR Anytime Kits” for high schools.

The primary goal for these athletes is to know what do in a situation if someone is lying on the ground not breathing and ultimately to save lives in the community.

Hands-only CPR consists of 30 hard compressions to the chest to keep blood flowing, and not performing mouth to mouth.

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Helena High School’s athletic trainer, Paul Cullen, says his hope is to reach out to all sports so that by the end of the year 400 athletes will know hands-on CPR.

“Just looking at someone lying on the ground and nobody knows what to do, a whole bunch of people we can educate to start compressions till advanced medical help comes,” said Cullen.

Between Helena and Capital High School, the American Heart Association donated 100 CPR Anytime mannequins.



Reporter: Lindsey Ford