(HELENA) On Wednesday morning, Helena’s Friendship Center announced the Officer of the Year.

Helena’s Friendship Center is a shelter that provides support for anyone who has experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or dating violence.

Montana Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike McGrath presented the award to Helena police officer McLean Peterson. She was nominated by the Friendship Center’s senior crisis response advocated who stated that Peterson shows extra effort and compassion to help victims of domestic assault.

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Peterson, who has been with the Helena Police Department since 2014 said he was honored to receive the award.

“It makes me very happy to work in a community that there are people that are thankful for what we do as law enforcement in this community,” said Peterson.

“It means a lot of them to recognized in these challenges circumstances from people who made a really big difference,” said Melinda Reed, Lead Executive Director for the Friendship Center.

The award is part of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness month.



Reporter: Lindsey Ford