(MTN News-MISSOULA) A 42-year-old Polson man and his horses are safe after a nearly 12-hour rescue effort.

Authorities say the man was driving on the West Fork of Fish Creek Road during a heavy rainstorm at around 8 p.m. Saturday when the crash happened.

The pickup truck’s tires caught the muddy shoulder of the road causing the Chevy Silverado — along with a horse trailer with three horses inside — to go off the road and 20 feet down an embankment.

Trees stopped the fall, leaving the horses injured and pinned up against the trees unable to get out. It took until 8:30 a.m. Sunday to safely get the animals out of the wrecked trailer.

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The animals were transported to a nearby veterinary clinic and are now in stable condition. The driver sustained no injuries in the crash.



Reporter: Derek Minemyer