(HELENA) A Tacoma, Washington suspect is accused of trying to steal a car on Sunday at 4:48 p.m. in Helena.

According to court documents, police officers were dispatched to Custer Ave after a report of an individual was physically assaulting a female inside a car at Town Pump. The individual was later identified as 37-year-old Ruth Lanette Chisolm.

Chisolm allegedly attempted to take the victim’s vehicle and was grabbing her by the throat. Court documents state that witnesses were attempting to help by pulling Chisolm out of the car and away from the victim.

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The victim said that Chisolm had entered her vehicle and tried to push her out by pushing on her neck. Chisolm allegedly then attempted to start the vehicle and started fighting with her over the keys in an attempt to “get help” and go to Washington.

When police officers questioned Chisolm, she had the victim’s car keys in her pocket.

Chisolm is charged with attempted kidnapping and one count of robbery.

Chisolm will be arraigned in November and the bond in the case is set at $40,000.

If convicted she faces 40-years in prison.




Reporter: Dennis Carlson