(HELENA) Carroll College students are applying what they’ve learned in the classroom to what could happen in the general election next week.

Students said that it surprises the two major party candidates are actively disliked on both sides.

“We’ve got the first women candidate, Hillary Clinton. Who has an enormous amount of scandal around here. Other people are surprised she was chosen as the candidate, and even more, surprising is that the Republicans chose Trump, who is completely outside the Republican establishment, he’s not a career politician,” said Kyron Jenno, a Carroll College Sophomore.

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The students will also be scattered around Lewis & Clark County on election day to conduct an exit poll for a class project.

The goal of the project is to see how accurate they can get to the actual count. They will only be polling around 900 people.

“If you see us doing an exit poll, come out, just fill out a quick survey, and hopefully we can learn some information about your voting patterns,” said Nicholas Taffs, a Carroll College Sophomore.

Students also said this election would be out of the ordinary.

“Because a lot of times like last year I guess, a lot of people didn’t know who candidates were for the local races, and so I think that there will be a lot more people turning out for this election,” said Kelly Taft, a Carroll College Junior.

“It’s pretty exciting, I mean this is the most interesting election we had,” said Jenno.

Reporter: Frances Lin