(HELENA) A Helena man is charged with sexual intercourse without consent after allegedly sexually assaulting a 17-month-old child.

23-year-old Dylan Houston Dunn was arrested on November 8 after the victim’s mother discovered significant injury to her 17-month-old daughter while changing her diaper.

According to court documents, the victim’s mother stated that her daughter had spent much of the day with Dunn and that he was the only other person who was alone with her daughter during the day.

The victim’s mother also stated that Dunn drove her to work to collect her paycheck around noon before driving them to Van’s Thriftway.  While the victim’s mother was in Van’s, Dunn was alone in the car with the girl.

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About five minutes later when she walked out of Van’s, she noticed that Dunn and her daughter were gone and spent the next 15-20 minutes searching for them.

When the victim’s mother located Dunn, he told her that he took the girl to the restroom with him because he did not want to leave her alone.

Court documents also say that Dunn seemed infatuated with the 17-month-old after the incident at Van’s Thriftway, would not put her down, and repeatedly kiss her on the mouth.

Investigators obtained surveillance video showing Dunn inside the store with the child.

Dunn initially denied leaving the car with the child, but court documents say after investigators continue to inform him what they found on the surveillance video he admitted that he went into the store to hand the 17-month-old to her mother and claimed that he went to the bathroom alone.

Later on, Dunn also admitted taking the child into the men’s bathroom.

On November 10 the victim’s mother told investigators that Dunn gave her daughter multiple kisses on her cheeks and her lips. She also stated that she found it strange and inappropriate for a non-family member to kiss her child on the lips.

Dunn’s bond has been set at $100,000 and will be arraigned on November 30.