Students at Capital High School in Helena are collecting food for students in and families in need.

“It really warms your heart, especially during the holiday season, where all of this matters a lot,” said Kyer Frederick, Capital High School’s Junior Class President.

The food drive is named after the popular book series the “Hunger Games.”

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Each class, freshmen through senior, is its own district.  The district that raises the most food by the end of the competition wins.

The donated food is piling up in teacher Taylee Schlauch’s classroom.

“They’re excited to be bringing in food, I’ve had people bring in food even a couple times, they’ll go home and bring more in, and they have been competitive, so that’s made it fun. And I think they’ve been really happy to donate too,” said Schlauch.

Schlauch says the competition has only been going on a few days but has already exceeded expectations.

Student council members say they think the competition between the grades makes the food drive more interesting, and they are more than happy to help out.

“When you see them get food, just makes you feel happy,” said Alex Chrisp, a Freshmen Student Council member.

The food drive runs through Friday December 9th. Students from the winning district will be entered to win a  brand new iPad mini.

The freshmen are currently in first place.