Brea Maeann Dempsey and Antonio Martin Lee Lamere

(GREAT FALLS) Brea Maeann Dempsey and Antonio Martin Lee Lamere are both facing charges in Great Falls in connection with a stolen vehicle.

Court documents state that on Sunday, December 25th, police officers were dispatched for a report of a stolen vehicle at the Holiday Gas Station at 1020 15th Street North.

A short time later, officers saw the vehicle and followed fresh footprints in the snow near the Royal Motel located at Central Avenue and 13th Street, and came across Lamere and Dempsey half a block away.

Court documents allege that Lamere immediately ran away, and that Dempsey initially followed the officers’ commands, but then she also ran away.

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Both were quickly apprehended.

They both admitted that they had been in the stolen vehicle, but neither would admit driving it.

Lamere and Dempsey have both been charged with felony theft and misdemeanor obstruction of a peace officer.

Prosecutors requested that bail for each be set at $5,000.