Brandon and Julie are the creators Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy

(MTN NEWS-HELENA) Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy owner Brandon Price says it was a trip that his parents took to Chena Hot Springs in Alaska that led to the creation of Medicine Springs — a product that turns your bath tub or hot tub into a hot spring.

Brandon explained that the Chena Hot Springs helped relieve the arthritis pain in his mother’s hands.

“When she was sitting in that hot spring she could open and close them and the pain went away and it wasn’t permanent, but it gave her relief,” Brandon recalled. When she came back, she said ‘I wish I could put that in the bathtub.’ And being a former high school science teacher, and having a lot to do with chemistry and biology and the sciences, we thought we could do this.”

Brandon and his wife Julie are the creators and owners of Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy where they manufacture the product from a house just outside of Helena along Canyon Ferry Lake. It all started with learning more about what makes up these healing hot springs.

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“We took these water samples and it broke down in parts per million the various compounds and elements that were in that water and when we did that we were able to see what made it up in that water and then do a lot of math to break that down into 50 gallon or 40 gallon bath tub or a 400 gallon hot tub,” Brandon said.

What started with packaging the minerals and passing it out to family and friends has now led to three different formulas being sold across Montana. It’s also sold through multiple online venues and the couple recently returned from a natural products trade show.

“People are going back to hot springs and finding a lot of relief from their various conditions and basically seeking out what nature has had sitting their for us the whole time,” Brandon said.

For the Prices what started out as an attempt to recreate healing waters for one has led to the possibility of helping so many others — all while they live and work right here in Montana.

“To be able to live where you want to live, create your business from the ground up and then succeed at it, so that you can live the life you want to live and help others in the process,” Brandon said.

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Reporter: Melissa Jensen

Brandon and Julie are the creators Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy