(MTN NEWS-GREAT FALLS) Amanda Johnson of Great Falls was cited on Saturday with two misdemeanors after a police officer spotted two people in a vehicle smoking marijuana while parked in spot marked “Police Vehicle Only” outside the municipal court building.

Johnson was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and for driving with a suspended license.

The incident happened 3:13 a.m. on Saturday.

The affidavit states: “The vehicle was running, the Civic Center was obviously closed, and the the vehicle was certainly not an official vehicle that belongs in that place at that time. I pulled in behind the vehicle and it drove around the circle and then stopped. As the driver’s side window rolled down I could see smoke come from the window.”

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The officer smelled “a pungent odor of burned marijuana” as he approached the car, and saw Johnson waving her hand like a fan “in what appeared to be a futile attempt to dissipate the smoke.”

Johnson told the officer that she and her passenger had been playing Pokemon Go and were “attacking the gym.”

She also reportedly said that she and her passenger were smoking marijuana, but had “smoked it all gone.”

“She willingly handed me the glass pipe they were smoking from, which was still warm and had burned residue inside,” the officer stated in the affidavit.