A traveling art exhibit raising awareness of human trafficking stopped at the Capitol building Wednesday afternoon.

The exhibit titled “Faces of Freedom” celebrates human trafficking survivors and engages people in learning more about this form of modern day slavery.

Earlier this week, the Montana Attorney General’s office released statistics showing an 83 percent increase in the number of adult victims and a 400 percent increase in the number of child human trafficking victims rescued in Montana last year.

“Faces of Freedom” Art Director Alyssa Wilson said anybody can contribute to help stop sex trafficking.

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“A lot of people are passioned by it, but also going past the steps of awareness and now figuring out what are we doing now, what are some actual concrete steps of ending women trafficking, whether you’re a student, whether you’re a legislature or whether you’re a baker, janitor, I think everyone can play their part,” said Wilson.

“It happens in Montana. I hope that Montanans will take the opportunity to come and look at the faces of these portraits of these very real people who have been rescued out of trafficking and have been able to get on with their lives,” said Attorney General Tim Fox.

According to Wilson, as many as 800,000 men, women, and children are traded annually.

The global sex trade’s annual profit exceeds that of Nike, Google, Starbucks, Disney, and the NFL combined, at $150 billion.

Last month, Congress approved a $1.5 billion budget to fight human trafficking on a global level.

“The End Modern Slavery Initiative Act that was in DC, the Senate had to pass. It’s been out there, it started by a Senator in Tennessee, and it did pass in Dec. 8 2016,” said Wilson.