Photo from US Coast Guard Auxilliary

HELENA – The Montana Fish and Wildlife commission seeks public comment on four new no wake zones proposed on three different waterbodies.

According to a press release from the commission, four petitions were submitted to the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission last fall. The commission voted to initiate the rule making process on the petitions.

The process includes public hearings, which are being held in February. The commission is tentatively scheduled to make a final decision on the proposed rules at their regular April meeting.

One no wake zone covers 1.3 miles on the Madison River from the North Ennis Lake Bridge to the Madison Dam. The proposal is in regards to its narrowness and the need to increase safety and prevent potential accidents.

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Two are on the Fort Peck Reservoir, one on the Bay of Park Grove covering an area 75 feet from the shore and the other on Duck Creek Bay from the boat ramp to the mouth of the bay. The requests were made to address safety concerns, shoreline damage, property damage and disruption of both animal activity and non-motorized user activity.

The fourth suggested no wake zone is on Flathead Lake. It covers 800 feet or as marked by buoys on the Cromwell Channel at its narrowest section. The petition was brought to address safety concerns, shoreline erosion, user conflicts and property damage.