GREAT FALLS – Following Wednesday night’s game between Power and Belt and before Heart Butte and Box Elder tipped off, all four teams gathered at mid court and linked arms in a “moment of solidarity”.

The moment, organized by Box Elder head coach Jeremy MacDonald, came in response to an article published Tuesday by Billings radio personality Paul Mushaben titled “Indian Basketball,” which called for segregated tournaments for Native American teams.

McDonald gave his reaction to the controversial article in a Facebook post.

“The best way to combat racism is to engage in a civil dialogue that reflects the better morals of human beings who respect each other and want to develop a better world,” MacDonald wrote.

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“I coach kids from the reservation. The boys and girls on our teams represent their families, our basketball programs, our school, our community and our tribe with class, respect, humility and sportsmanship,” he continued. “We have established friendships and lifelong connections with student-athletes, fans, coaches, and educators from other schools throughout the state, regardless of race.”

Box Elder defeated Heart Butte 75-51 to advance to advance to the semi-finals where they will face Belt.

MTN Sports Reporter:Tom Wylie