54-year-old Clinton Todd Sproles

BUTTE – A man arrested for allegedly driving drunk in Butte on Saturday admitted he had at least 20 prior DUI arrests.

Butte police arrested 54-year-old Clinton Todd Sproles just after 11 p.m. Saturday on suspicion of driving drunk on the 700 block of East Front Street.

Sproles allegedly told police he had 22 prior DUI arrests in Montana and other states.

Butte Sheriff Ed Lester said it’s alarming that someone continues to drive drunk after so many DUI offenses.

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“It doesn’t look like he’s getting any kind of a message to stop his behavior, that’s the concerning part. Anytime you’re racking up DUIs, that’s an amazing pace for anybody to set, so it’s deeply concerning that he’d be out driving with potentially 22 DUIs,” Lester added.

Sproles was last sentenced for a felony DUI in Gallatin County in 2008.

He was given a sentence of 20 years in the Montana state prison. He is currently on parole.

Sproles remains jailed Monday on a felony DUI and probation violation charges.

Sproles also has convictions in Montana for being a persistent felony offender.

MTN Reporter: John Emeigh


  1. The reporter said he received 240 days and the article said “He was given a sentence of 20 years in the Montana state prison.” Was it 240 days or 20 years?