BUTTE – The governor awarded Butte Elevated as Montana’s Marketing Campaign of the Year last week for its efforts in promoting the Mining City.

“It was great, it was fantastic, it was really a great win the community as a whole, you know, Butte Elevated is about being positive.” said Cooper Fisher of Butte Elevated.

Butte Elevated was started in 2015 by a group of local agencies and individuals to promote positive aspects of living in Butte to promote economic development in the city.

“And changing how we’re seen as a community that we’re more than a Superfund site, that we’re more than the Berkeley Pit, we’re actually a great community that’s full of character and passion. It’s a unique place to live work and play.” said Fisher.

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One method Butte Elevated is using to brand the city is to have regular citizens post things on an Instagram account to show people all over the world what you can do in Butte.

“Once a week we have somebody adopt our Instagram account, and then throughout the rest of the week it’s up to you, it’s up to your own discretion of what you want to share. We’ve had people out hiking, people showing their dogs playing out a Sky Line Park. We’ve had business owners showing stuff about their business.”

Butte Elevated organizers believe this state aware is proof that this effort is elevating Butte’s image.

MTN: John Emeigh