Class Act: high school students help elementary students write books

HELENA – High school students helped 2nd graders create their own books this week in Helena.

Four Georgians students were given laminated copies of their books on Wednesday by the high school students who had interviewed the elementary kids a few weeks ago.

From the interviews the Capital students authored stories featuring the younger students.

The stories were then illustrated by the 2nd graders and then laminated. 

Both the high school and elementary said working together was the best part of the project.

Brooke Howlett, 2nd Grade elementary student said, “I liked them and I just liked that we got to do this.”

Christopher Maza of Capital High School added, “I thought it was awesome because it’s their first book and it’s something they can keep for their whole life.”

The 2nd graders said they hope they can do this project again once they’re in high school