Class Act: student council elementary students give back to the community

HELENA – Four Georgians Elementary School added a student council to its school this past fall, giving kids the chance to learn more about some aspects of the government process.

Four officers and nine class representatives make up the council.  They were elected in the fall.

“It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn about the government process, the process of running a meeting,” said Fifth Grade Teacher and Student Council Advisor Carol Morgan.  “Those four young ladies who are our officers do a fabulous job of setting up an agenda, they’re committed and the student representatives are always excited. They’re learning how to become better citizens.”

Among their most important tasks is the ‘Every Person Makes a Difference’ Program. The student council helps organize and inform all of the student body on fundraising opportunities.

Fifth Grade Teacher and Student Council Advisor Carol Morgan

In turn, the students use gold nuggets that they earn for good behavior, hard work and random acts of kindness to vote for the organization they want to receive those funds. Each nonprofit gets a portion of the money that correlates to the number of votes they receive.

“It ties in good behavior, community service; it’s just a great program,” says Morgan.

“I feel like we’re giving back,” adds Gracie Mockel, president of the student council.  “Because everybody, they help our schools get built and us have a good education.”

Last Friday, after watching the first graders ‘Celebrate America’ patriotic program, representatives of the three organizations chosen this quarter to receive the funds were in attendance to accept the donations.  The nonprofits included Archie Bray, Helena Indian Alliance and The Alex Foundation, which helps families with children with autism.  The foundation is named after a current Four Georgians student.

Accepting the donation, The Alex Foundation Executive Director, Cindie Bacon, said, “This money that you guys are so generously giving us today (Friday) is going to help a Four Georgians autism family.”

So far this school year, the students have helped raise more than $800 dollars and divided that among 6 organizations. 

“It just gives the kids a sense of pride and a sense of belonging and participating in our community. A community that gives so much to us and we get to give back to,” says Morgan.