MISSOULA –¬†March Madness brings one of the most popular sporting events of the year to the forefront. Unfortunately, the tourney usually brings potential scams along with it.

Whether you’re planning on traveling to see it in person, or just filling out a bracket online, the Better Business Bureau has some tips they want you to be aware of.

They say the internet makes finding tickets, filling out brackets, and finding your favorite team apparel convenient- but also potentially dangerous.

The bureau recommends using the official NCAA website to find tickets through the NCAA Ticket Exchange, or researching other sites before purchase.

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They also suggest supporting “Team Store” websites to purchase apparel, which puts money back into college programs instead of supporting cheap counterfeit merchandise.

Dan Buchta with the Montana Marketplace says when filling out brackets, use trusted sites and avoid malware, and spyware pop-up ads asking you to download things.

“There’s gonna be a lot of fake sites that pop up. They’re just there to do some phishing or just get people to click on them and then pop up happens. And it may be something like the text scam that happened or the pop-up may be click bait, trying to get you to click through so they can get information from you or download malware or spyware onto your computer,” Buchta said.

And Buchta says when buying online, always use a credit card. As credit card companies can help you refund your money in case of a scam, while paying with cash or wire transfer has no guarantees.

If you think you may have fallen victim to fraud or a scam, contact the Better Business Bureau so a record can be made, and avoid others from making the same mistake.

MTN Reporter: Don Fisher