A Whitefish man captured a brief video of a bear carrying what he said was a laptop.

Michael Potter shared the video on Facebook and it quickly went viral. Not everyone was convinced it was a laptop, they said the object looked more like a piece of wood.

The video (below) was filmed near Arlee several days ago.

MTN is working to get more information regarding the incident.

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Well hello Montana brown bear coming up from his steel culvert to grab a laptop, roadside to enter back into his den, that gets wet from time to time due to spring thaw. Bear needs to sleep but with all the snow melt 3 weeks ago this is when he has been popping up from time to time. Although Stacy Courville Wildlife Biologist at the Salish Kootnei Management on Flatheads Indian Reservation with Tribal leaders have attempted to lure early this early spring bear, with deer parts in a steel cage. Bear isn't hungry. Its undetermined if he passed the plug, which wildlife jargon for if he needs to eat or not after hibernation. The montana fields are still not plentiful enough for atleast 3 more weeks to feed papa bear. According to Courville

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Mike Potter‎‏ في 26 مارس، 2017