BOZEMAN – It’s not often that Bobcats and Grizzlies are on the same team.

On Tuesday, students from the Montana University System, held noon rallies across the state to protest budget cuts.

The state legislature has $11.8 million of cuts slated for the university system starting in the 2018 school year.

The cuts could mean increases in tuition, which students are afraid would lead to delayed graduation rates, more dropouts and increased student debt.

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Previously, a $23 million cut was proposed, but students are still asking for the entire budget to be restored.

The Associated Students of Montana State University encouraged contacting local representatives.

“I think it’s really hard as students when we’re busy with our own things that we’re doing to have the time to contact our representatives, but I just want them to know that this will personally hit them and they need to be contacting their representatives,” said Geneva Zoltek, ASMSU vice president.

Students were also handing out a sample script to use when calling state politicians and a list of representatives by city.

MTN’s Lena Blietz