GREAT FALLS – Western Art Week is underway in Great Falls, and the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is partnering with Western Heritage artists to auction off painted buffalo skulls.

The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is hosting the 36th annual Western Heritage Art Show called “Footprints On The Trail.”

It will feature more than 60 artists on two floors of the museum Wednesday through Sunday.

Over the course of the show artists will feature a wide variety of genres, from painting and sculpture to woodcarving, leather, metal, wheat, scratchboard, wheat, batik, photography and more.

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Several events and auctions will be held, including a quick-draw finish on Friday where artists will finish their work at the event, followed by an auction of painted bison skulls.

This year’s the Buffalo Skull Auction is a new event featuring 12 decorated oversized resin cast buffalo skulls.

The proceeds from the skulls auction will go back to the Square, which officials said helps support the community the museum serves.

“They (skulls) were designed by artist Mary Michael and they were specifically designed to fund raise for non-profits in the area, and we were selected this year as the western heritage artists fundraising entity,” said Jeff Kuratnick, education director at Paris Gibson Square.

For ticket pricing and information, you can call the Square at 406-727-8255.

Click here for a complete schedule of Western Art Week events.

MTN Reporter: Julianne Dellorso