Official photo of the Original Governor's Mansion

HELENA – April marks the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into World War I, an event that changed world, the nation and Montana.

The anniversary is marked by a series of displays throughout the Original Governor’s Mansion.

100 years ago Montana Governor Samuel Stewart asked the women and children of the Treasure State to pitch in and help the boys at the frontlines of the war by doing things like rolling bandages, knitting socks, along with raising and canning local food.

Bobi Harris, “Mrs. Mansion,” said, “So in the kitchen we have some produce that’s getting ready to be canned. So victory canners were very important doing their part because that allowed the food in the grocery stores to go to the soldiers. And we were more self-supporting. We wanted to save meat, save sugar, save flour.”

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Entrepreneur William Chessman built the Mansion as a private residence in 1888. Then in 1913 the state acquired it to serve as the official governor’s residence.

The home hosted nine First Families until the new mansion was built in 1959.

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