EAST HELENA – East Helena and Helena recycling offered a recycling day on Thursday.

Helena Industries Big Sky E-Recycling set up a station behind City Hall in East Helena to help those doing their spring cleaning. The event was held in advance of earth day.

“Earth day is important because it’s an opportunity for us to recognize the efforts that are going on in our community to reduce, reuse and recycle and care for the environment in the way we need to be doing,” said Katy Gallagher, Marketing Director for Helena Industries.

It’s not just paper and cans people brought in to recycle, people could recycle e-waste, like old hard drives and computers.

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“We really wanted to have a comprehensive recycling event so we are able to do data destruction with a hard drive shredder so if you have personal or sensitive data we can destroy that on site,” said Gallagher.

Organizers expect between 500 and 600 pounds of recycled material by the end of the day.

“So we make sure that we responsibly recycle all the items we take, that everyone’s personal information is safely destroyed”, said Matthew Elsaesser, Director of Helena Industries Big Sky E-Recycling program.

Elsaesser said it’s an ongoing effort to make sure people dispose of their electronics responsibly.

“Recycling is a great way to take steps every day in our daily habits to our environmental impact and support our community, “added Elsaesser.

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