Dianne Lewis

TOWNSEND  – The former Townsend woman convicted of a 1995 double-homicide had her suspended sentence revoked by a district judge on Wednesday.

In 1996 Dianna Lewis pleaded no-contest to killing her father and step-mother in their sleep during a psychotic episode.

Prosecutors said Dianna Lewis had not been abiding by a sentence handed down three years ago.

After serving 16 years of an 80 year sentence at State Hospital at Warm Springs, Lewis was released from the state hospital under a suspended sentence from Judge James Reynolds in 2013.

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Since her release, she’s been terminated from two group-homes for failing to follow house rules. She was arrested by law enforcement officers in December in Billings.

Broadwater County Attorney Cory Swanson also said she’s been associating with a convicted sex offender against court orders.

On Wednesday in court, Swanson told Judge Reynolds that Lewis’ behavior shows a pattern of avoiding accountability. Lewis’ former probation officer said told the court that her behavior indicated criminal thinking and not a mental health related issue.

One of the supervisors of the second transition home that Lewis was terminated from told the court that Lewis would break curfew and failed to attend a mandatory meeting.

Defense Lawyer Greg Jackson told the court the violations in question are minor and that his client has made great progress in her recovery.

Jackson had Lewis’s supervisor at one of the two Billings Subway Sandwich restaurants where his client worked, testify at the hearing. She told the court that Lewis was a model employee, always willing to pick up shifts and was in line for a management position.

Lewis herself addressed the court, saying she was a model patient at the state hospital, adding, “For the future I would really like to go back to the community, go back to my job, go back to school.”

At the end of the hearing, Judge Reynolds granted the state’s motion to revoke the suspended sentence. He scolded Lewis for picking and choosing which rules she’d follow.

“There is evasiveness here. I don’t consider these minor technicalities,” said Judge Reynolds.

He also told Lewis, “As long as I am the judge in this case, you will face restrictions on your life, so 1995 will not happen again.”

What followed was a discussion of where to place Lewis both before and following sentencing. Both Swanson and Jackson said they would provide the court with options for sentencing.

Lewis is scheduled for sentencing on the April 27.

More than 60 years remain on her sentence. She remains in custody at the Broadwater County Jail.