Leslie Aaron Mabrey

HELENA – A suspect convicted of threatening to kill two police officers in 2014 is back behind bars.

Leslie Aaron Mabrey faces a petition to revoke a four-year suspended sentence handed down last November.

Prosecutors said since then, Mabrey has violated terms of the sentence.

In January, the 56-year-old allegedly showed a Meridian, Idaho store clerk and gun and a knife and asked her to take him to Canada.

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In February, after being released on bond, he allegedly got into a road rage incident near Boise and was again returned to Helena.

In court Tuesday, Mabrey’s defense lawyer asked for mental health evaluation for his client.

Mabrey, known for his past court-room outbursts was subdued during the hearing, only speaking in whispers to his lawyer.

Mabrey’s next hearing is set for May 3,

His bond is set at $350,000.

Mabrey has priors for burglary in Missoula County and assault on a peace officer in Powell County.


  1. Yes and why has he not had a mental health evaluation before now. I am his sister and he is not quite right in the head. He has had trouble all of his life. He also has a full blooded sister that is mentally handicapped. Their could be a link. Not taking up for his bad actions by no means. Just an observations. Why don’t the system rehabilitate and treat instead of throwing someone away without trying to treat.