Carmen Gopher official mug shot

GREAT FALLS – New details have emerged from the hours-long stand-off in Great Falls Monday night.

Authorities said that the suspect, identified as Carmen Gopher was involved in a series of hit and runs in Great Falls which led officers to pursue him. The chase ended after he crashed into another vehicle on Smelter Avenue near Riverview Elementary School.

GFPD reported that Gopher fled the scene to a house on Smelter where he hid  in the attic of the house.

After several hours, police used several “flash-bang” devices and a battering ram to get into the house.

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Once police got into the residence, they reportedly used a taser to subdue him.

He was taken out of the house on a stretcher and transported to Benefis Hospital.

GFPD confirmed that Gopher had sustained injuries from the crashes.  

He was taken to jail Tuesday morning.

According to state prison records, Gopher has a felony conviction for forgery in Cascade County, and was on conditional release.

Probation and Parole officers assisted in the apprehension of Gopher on Monday.

It is not yet not known what sparked the apparent chase that led to the crash and subsequent stand-off.  GFPD did confirm that Gopher was involved in other hit and run crashes prior to the crash in the Riverview area.

We will update you as we get more details.