HELENA – Peak asthma and allergy season is here and the Department of Public Health and Human Services wants to make sure you’re prepared.

The state’s Asthma Control Program works with individuals, schools and health care organizations to provide information about asthma.

In Montana, 1 in 11 people have asthma and more than half say they don’t have it under control.

Jessie Fernandes, Health Improvement Section Supervisor at DPHHS, said this time of year is especially important to pay attention to asthma.

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“Flowers and trees are starting to bloom,” Fernandes said. “That often can trigger some asthma for people if that’s their personal trigger. It’s a good time to be thinking about air quality especially here as we get ready to go into wildfire season.” 

A number of things can trigger asthma including cigarette smoke, smoke from fires, strong fumes, chemicals, and the common cold or flu can all bring about symptoms.

Those symptoms include coughing, feelings of fatigue, shortness of breath or difficulty doing activities.

The state said its best to avoid triggers all together.

Having an asthma control action plan is also important. That’s something you develop with your doctor so you know when and how to use the right medication.

To learn more about the state’s Asthma Control Program click here or head here to view air quality maps of the region.