Class Act: CHS gets a bike unit for freshman P.E.

HELENA – Years of hard work have finally paid off for one Capital High School P.E. teacher.

Reginald Hageman, CHS P.E. teacher has been helping his students get a handle on two-wheeled fun.

For five years Hageman worked to develop and fund a bike unit for the freshman physical education classes. “It’s been a long road,” he said.

“We want to teach students that biking is a safe, affordable way to commute to school, to work, basically anywhere they need to go, they can pretty much do it on a bike,” Hageman added.

With impounded bikes donated from Helena Police and the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office and help from Roy Caldwell, the Helena Bike Guild and Bike Kitchen, the class has been up and running for two weeks now.

 “We taught students different yields, and right of ways within intersections. How to properly turn and signal and all those things,” Hageman added.

The students are also learning basic Bike mechanics, “It’s great if a student gets a bike and they ride it for a couple times and they get a flat tire or a chain comes off – if they can’t put that back together or afford to be able to fix that – they’re biking days are done – so we not only get them biking, but continue biking even after they get started,” Hageman said. 

The goal of the program is to get more students biking and help them ride for life.

Hageman hopes to expand the bike unit to Capital’s sophomore class in the futur