Roger Baltz, the new Chief Administrative Officer for Lewis and Clark County

HELENA – Lewis and Clark County’s new Chief Administrative Officer, Roger Baltz, has been on the job for just about a month now.

Baltz comes to Montana after spending about 15 years in Florida.  He has 20 years of experience working in both city and county government in several states, including Nevada and California.

Baltz said his first month on the job has been enjoyable, getting to know the community and the county staff.

He said while there are plenty of matters to work on immediately, like the next budget, there’s also discussion of looking towards the future.

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“There’s always the challenge that you have of always wanting to take care of your short-term priorities, but also finding time to plan strategically for the future,” said Baltz.  “Whether it’s through your budget process or establishing strategic goals for two years, five years, ten years, and those are all going to be conversations that the county commissioners have indicated that they’re open to and they want to have.”

Baltz said some of his other priorities include maintaining close relationships with the other communities in the county – he’s already visited Augusta and Lincoln – as well as looking to the future of programs and facilities that deal with public safety.