THREE FORKS – For the family of Montana Highway Patrol Trooper David DeLaittre, the shooting death of Deputy Mason Moore has brought back a flood of memories.

Moore was shot and killed less than a mile from where David was shot and killed nearly seven years ago.

“My first thought was no, not again,” said Nancy DeLaittre of Three Forks, David’s mother.

It was December 1, 2010 –  23-year-old Trooper David Delaittre was killed during a routine traffic stop.

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Nancy woke up Tuesday morning the same way she did when her son was killed.

“We live just down the road from the site and David’s memorial,” she said. “I heard seven gunshots. Then soon after seven more.”

Nancy would soon find out another peace officer had been killed in the line of duty.

“(I’m) very sick to my stomach,” she said. “(It’s) too close to home.”

Nancy is now a member of Montana COPS (Montana Concerns of Police Survivors)

She and others are trained to help police families, like the Moore family, cope with this kind of tragedy.

David’s father, Denny, echoed Nancy, expressing his shock over Tuesday’s shooting.

At the Trooper David DeLaittre Memorial near Three Forks, he remembered the death of his son.

“You would never suspect it would happen, this is close to home,” Denny said. “It just opens up the scars again and I feel for the family. I know first hand what they are about to experience.”

Denny is already making arrangements for Deputy Moore’s name to be added to the memorial wall.

“You know I’ve gotten so many calls and texts from people who know what I’m feeling,” he said. “A lot of these people are going to know what the family is feeling.”

MTN’s Judy Slate