Deputy Mason Moore’s body arrives in Belgrade for funeral services

BELGRADE – Hundreds of officers stood at attention, some wiping tears from their faces as Deputy Mason Moore’s body was taken to the Bridge Church for the funeral service.

The procession started in Townsend. A helicopter, fire trucks, sheriff’s deputies, police officers, Montana Highway Patrol Troopers and citizens, totaling approximately 71 agencies from four states and nearly 500 personnel lined the streets to honor Deputy Moore and his family.

Selected agencies escorted Deputy Moore’s body through town then traveled to Belgrade for the service.

Several people close to Moore spoke about the deputy. His love for his family, his community and his God were the constant themes at his funeral Tuesday morning.

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Moore’s wife, Jodi, spoke briefly about her husband, saying, “Mason’s hugs were an example of his love. Strong arms wrapping around you with a strong squeeze to show he wasn’t just throwing his arms around you.”

She also included a brief reading from a letter Moore had given her in case something of this nature ever happened to him. In it he said, “Don’t let hate take over your life. I enjoyed every moment of life with you, enjoy life,” the letter said. She ended with “Love wins.” 

Following the service, as is tradition, Deputy Mason Moore’s final radio call went out across the entire state.

“Copy into 43-8, you are now off shift. En route to Heavenly Father has prepared for you. May God’s benediction go with you, be with those who mourn your passing, may cherish your memory, your years of service to Broadwater County and the people of Montana,” the call said. 

The procession then traveled to Three Forks where a line of cars over two miles long waited to follow.

Deputy Moore layed in state at the Three Forks Gym Tuesday afternoon. His body will return to a funeral home where law enforcement will stand watch until he is taken to South Carolina for burial.

Tuesday Night the Rosebud County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that a Manhattan restaurant bought several law enforcement officers’ dinner to show their support.