Mabrey is known for his past court-room outbursts

HELENA – A suspect convicted of threatening to kill Helena Police officers denied more than a dozen violations of a suspended sentence.

Leslie Aaron Mabrey denied 14 violations of a sentence he received last November.

In January he allegedly fled Montana and showed a meridian, Idaho store clerk a gun and a knife and asked her to drive him to Canada.

During Wednesday’s hearing the 56-year-old known for prior courtroom outbursts tried numerous times to interrupt Judge James Reynolds.

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At the conclusion of the hearing he verbally lashed out at Prosecutor Ann Penner.

“Bring your A game Penner!” Mabrey said, “Bring your A game! Hey! You’re trying to send a guy to prison so you can murder somebody! You weren’t happy with what the judge did so you want to take and do that! Don’t grab me like that boss!”

Shortly afterwards, Mabrey had to be subdued by a half dozen law enforcement officers before he was returned to the county detention center.

He could be heard threatening to kill the officers restraining him and then accused them of trying to kill him.

Mabreyis known for his past court-room outbursts. In his courtroom appearance last month he was subdued also.

His next hearing will be in two weeks.


  1. Stop messing around with idiot and put him in an institution somewhere before he hurts someone. He is as crazy as they come. Get him the hell out of the County Jail and sentenced and shipped out of here.