38-year-old Marshall Barrus of Gallatin County

MISSOULA – Missoula County Sheriff, T.J. McDermott announced Wednesday that one of Tuesday morning’s shooting suspects, Marshall Barrus, 38, has died at a Missoula hospital from a gunshot wound to the head he sustained while being apprehended by law enforcement on Tuesday.

During the initial encounter with Lloyd and Marshall Barrus near Three Forks, Deputy Mason Moore of the Broadwater County Sheriff’s Office was killed.

“It’s been an extremely hard time for law enforcement across the state of Montana. Our hearts are extremely heavy for the family of Mason Moore and his law enforcement family,” McDermott said. “In moments like this, we are all confronted with the fear and realization that on any day it could be one of our own officers here in Missoula. The job LEO officers do is an extremely hard one with unknown dangers present on each and every shift.”

“Through this tragedy, we have seen communities and law enforcement come together to support the life and family of Mason Moore, as well as all LEO agencies across the state. We want to thank you for your support and ask for continued prayers during this difficult time,” he added.