Meth evidence courtesy the Missouri River Drug Task Force

HELENA – Methamphetamine use in Montana is on the rise. In a multi-part special report, KTVH looks at where the problem came from, where it has been, where it’s going and who is impacted by the heavy drug use.

Meth evidence courtesy the Missouri River Drug Task Force

Resurgence of meth in Montana

Two decades ago, Montanans were making methamphetamine in their homes, using items they could buy at any store. But that’s not the case anymore and law enforcement is facing an international drug trafficking problem, bringing pure meth right to Montana from Mexican cartels. Click here for the full story and video.


Meth evidence courtesy the Missouri River Drug Task Force

Living life after meth

Methamphetamine has the ability to grab a hold of users both physically and emotionally. The cycle of addiction and use can tear families apart and possibly, lead to a life of crime. Two women share their stories of addiction and putting meth ahead of their children. Plus, an inmate at the Montana State Prison looks back at 30 years of meth addiction and looks forward to living a clean life. For the full story and video, click here.

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Brenda and Jason Crawford with their son Kailer

Meth’s impact on Montana’s foster care system

Brenda and Jason Crawford are one of Montana’s many adoptive and foster parents; in 2014 baby Kailer entered their life. Kailer was born with significant amounts of heroin in his body. Their full story and video can be found here.

Meth in Montana’s communities

Montana is known for its natural beauty and close-knit communities, but in the Treasure State’s sparse population and expansive landscapes hides a growing problems with drugs, including methamphetamine. Click here for the full story and video.


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