HELENA – Montana’s picturesque scenery and reputation as an endless outdoor wonderland is a draw for many. That includes native Montanans who moved away, but were drawn back by lifestyle and professional possibilities.

That’s the story of the two founders of Live Life Clothing Company, based in Helena.

“We’re meeting our customers in their active lifestyles, having blends that are great to go ride your bike up in the hills,” says business partner Brian Elliott. “We’re in Helena, Montana: you get to go ride your bike right from downtown and at the end of that most people like to come right down and grab a slice of pizza or a beer at the brewery.”

Brian and his business partner and cousin Sadie Floding said the company’s beginnings came from their own upbringing.

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“It definitely came from our family element and the outdoor lifestyle,” says Brian. “I guess the environment that we grew up in here in Montana.”

Adds Sadie, “We don’t want to leave anything out, whether it’s biking, hunting, yoga, whatever it is, we really want to be universal. We come from a family that does it all, so we wanted to engulf the whole outdoor living your life culture.”

Brian and Sadie said their focus is giving customers clothing that meets the needs of active lifestyles. But producing that clothing means being conscientious about their impact on the environment and helping preserve it.

“Our emphasis here has been quality control, clean manufacturing, keeping a low footprint as far as waste goes – so we use water-based inks, and we use a system that really not a lot of people have access to for printing,” explains Brian.

And producing what their retailers need, when they need it. That’s whether they’re filling an order for 11 stores in Japan or a small business somewhere within the state.

“They need, you know, 10 sizes we can just ship them 10 sizes and they’re not having to place an order of 100 shirts because a lot of these small stores aren’t able to do that and we really understand that and want to be able to work with stores of all sizes,” said Sadie.

Those orders are going just about everywhere, from right here in Helena. Social media engagement by their customers means Brian and Sadie – and everyone else – can see where that clothing is being worn and how it’s being used.

“We ship orders to Sweden, Australia, Canada – and it’s awesome to get those photos,” said Sadie. “We have a customer in Sweden, he sends us photos all the time. That’s something that’s awesome, to see the support from people all around the world wearing our stuff.” 

Live Life Clothing Company was recently named Best in Show at the Made in Montana Trade Show, something Brian said is a true honor.

“It’s really nice to have your state behind you and saying ‘Hey, we really enjoy this young entrepreneurial spirit and whatever you need from us, let us know.’ That’s really cool,” said Brian.

Live Life recently celebrated its one year anniversary and is showing no signs of slowing down.

According to Brian, “Our constant goal is always to be ready for the next season and talks of winter 2017 are already happening.”

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