A lot of rain combined with a lot of warmth has created the perfect environment for ticks to prosper and multiply across our region.

Some health officials in the state are warning people to watch for ticks after they’ve been outside.

Dr. Rob Bruner with the Big Sky Pet Center in Billings cautions that ticks can be dangerous for both humans and pets. He suggests you take some pre-emptive steps by using flea and tick treatments.

“Flea and tick collars are kind of a thing of the past, you still see them out there,” Bruner said. “The topical drops that we put in between their shoulder blades or on the back of their neck are still very popular, but here in the last couple years, the oral treatments, that last for at least a month, some of them even go three months, that help kill the fleas and ticks when they get on your pets.”

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If you find a tick on your pet, Bruner said you should not pull it out because the head could get stuck in your animal.

Instead, you should take your animal to the vet to have it removed completely and safely.

Click here to learn more about that the dangers that ticks present from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services.