Official photo from the Blackfeet Tribe website

HELENA – The Blackfeet Tribe has released the results from this week’s vote to replace the Constitution.

Voters rejected the new constitution.

The final tally showed just over 1,600 votes against the proposal and over 1,200 voting for the new constitution.

There are over 13,000 eligible voters but only about 3,500 people are registered to vote. And of those registered voters, nearly 3,000 people voted in the constitution election.

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There was a clerical error reported Thursday there had been a discrepancy in the number of eligible voters.  It did not affect the results.


  1. I’m surprised that the your station only reported the stats and not more about the issue. You essentially answered Who, What, Where, and When, but not the Why. No interviews with those who proposed the new constitution, and no interviews with those who voted for or against? Disappointing.