Fraud Watch: Mortgage recovery scams

HELENA – Real estate professionals and lenders will tell you the purchase of a home is a person or a family’s biggest financial commitment.

Scammers know this too, and they can use your fear of getting behind on house payments to take away your hard-earned money.

If you’re having trouble paying your mortgage, the last thing you need is to lose more money. Mortgage recovery scammers make some big promises.

They claim they can bring your monthly payment down to affordable levels, that they can take the trouble out of the process for you and that they have experts working on this all of the time.

The scammers also say they have a special working relationship with lenders and that all the help can be yours for an upfront fee.

“If you’ve got a company that you’re working with a company that is making promises that they can absolutely save your home, but they need you to pay them first before services are delivered, that’s the red-flag right there,” said Chuck Munson with the Montana Office of Consumer Protection. “Just pause. We’re not saying don’t ultimately go forward with somebody that you really trust, we’re just saying take a pause right there and call our office first.”

Munson added that if you’re having trouble with a mortgage, the Montana Office of Consumer Protection may be able to help you, for free – just call (406) 444-4500.