Chief Administrative Officer Roger Baltz

HELENA – Lewis and Clark County Commissioners will approve the annual budget at their regular meeting Thursday morning.

Among the items accounted for this year: matching funds for a grant the county has received from the Montana Healthcare Foundation to create a position known as the Risk Reduction Director.

Chief Administrative Officer Roger Baltz said the position is part of a larger plan to better manage the needs of the inmate population and the community.

“You want to have programs in place that where the circumstances are appropriate to do so, where you can have diversionary programs, where you can provide treatment, you can provide counseling, you can provide early intervention strategies,” explained Baltz. “That will help not only prevent the inmates from being in jail but also help re-acclimate themselves back into society when they return to society.”

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The grant and matching funds from the county, if approved, would fund the Risk Reduction position for two years.