MILES CITY – A series of wildfires burning in Eastern Montana blew up on Thursday and now have torched approximately 48,000 acres — or 75 square miles.

The Bridge Coulee Fire was discovered Wednesday afternoon 16 miles north of Mosby and grew from 2,500 acres Thursday afternoon to over 32,000 acres by late evening.

There are three other fires in Garfield County that are being combined with the Bridge Coulee into the Lodgepole Complex which are estimated to cover nearly 48,000 acres.

The Baker fire, 20 miles north of Sand Springs, has burned 10,000 acres while the South Breaks fire, which is 27 miles northeast of Mosby has burned over 5,000 acres. The third blaze is the Square Butte fire which has burned over 800 acres 19 miles north of Sand Springs.

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Western Montana Type 2 Incident Management Teams has been ordered in to manage the Lodgepole Complex.


  1. I think it’s time to call in the National Guard we need to get this under control before more people lose thier homes and livestock!!

  2. Come Mr Governor why are you doing something or are on vacation. Worst drought every and your not prepare for it???!!!! We need new leadership!!!!!!!!!! Todd sorg