FWP photo 1st sighting in the Big Belts this summer

HELENA – Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks announced Wednesday that a grizzly had been spotted in the Big Belts west of White Sulphur Springs.

A photo of the three-year-old bear was taken by a remote trail camera used for wolf monitoring. The bear was alone and didn’t appear to be in conflict with anything. FWP is unaware of where the bear came from.

This is the latest sighting in a series of reports of bear sightings that FWP has received.

FWP has taken steps to deal with the expanding grizzly population along the Rocky Mountain Front. Including adding a new Bear Management Specialist, Wesley Sarmento.

FWP photo
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Earlier this summer a pair of grizzlies came down the Teton River from the Rocky Mountain Front and ended up east of Great Falls. They were captured and euthanized after they killed livestock near Stanford.

Officials reported that bears have reportedly traveled the river corridors – Sun, Marias, Dearborn, and Teton – east from the Rocky Mountain Front looking for food.  Grizzlies are venturing into territory that wildlife officials say they have not been spotted in more than a century.


FWP advised people on ways of preventing further expansion of the grizzly population. Residents should pick up food attractants and protect their livestock. Bears can be attracted to many different kinds of food which include grain, livestock feed, beehives, garbage and pet food.

Officials also say residents in bear country should protect their homes through a series of actions:

  • Take down bird feeders
  • Secure garbage inside a closed garage or secure shed
  • Feed pets inside
  • Cleanup chicken and livestock feed
  • Remove all odorous substances
  • Protect livestock- install an electric fence (this includes protecting gardens, trees, and beehives)

For more information on how to protect your property bears click here.