UPDATE (5:09 p.m.) The Department of Natural Resources Conservation has designated authority to the Northern Rockies Team.

The Incident Command Post will receive up to 300 personnel Monday evening. 10, 20 person crews have been dispatched to the command post. That means up to 500 personnel could be there within a couple days.

The command post will have full catering, shower units, a gear and tools supply unit, overhead command tents wired with power, computers, and telephone lines.

HELENA – The Lookout Fire near Wolf Creek continues to burn and is now at an estimated 390 acres, an increase of 190 from Sunday.

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Fire officials said weather continues to be a hazard for the fire burning about 5 miles west of the town of Wolf Creek. Strong winds are expected throughout Monday.

Crews are focused on structure protection around Lyons Creek Road. More than 40 homes in the area have been evacuated.

Fire officials believe the fire was lightning caused. It is burning through beetle killed trees in steep, difficult terrain.

A Type 1 Incident Management team was called in to take over the fire on Sunday. They were expected to take over Monday.  Type 1 teams are typically reserved for large and complex fires and have the greatest number of resources and personnel.

Roughly 100 people are working to combat the fire, including three smoke jumpers, two 20 person hotshot crews, one heavy helicopter, one light helicopter and two bulldozers.

More resources have been ordered and are expected in the next few days.