Pondera County Sheriff Carl Suta
petitioner Stacy Welker 

CONRAD – An official petition has been filed to recall Pondera County Sheriff Carl Suta. 

Petitioners have 90 days to get at least 530 signatures from Pondera County residents.

Sheriff Suta said the accusations that accompany the petition are false and that he can prove it.

“As an investigator, the first thing you learn is you better make darn sure that somebody’s guilty before you charge them,” Suta said.

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“I want to see this county, our town, the surrounding towns that are in the county under good leadership,” explained petitioner Stacy Welker

The statement that accompanied the petition alleged several instances of Sheriff Suta being incompetent. The allegations included: abuse of power, sharing private information, not holding youth accountable, dishonesty and leaving the county under protected.

“They’ve had one deputy on for the entire county regularly, and that’s not safe,” Welker said.

“When you are a small county you have a small staff. And, that’s just the name of the game. That’s just the way it is sometimes,” explained Suta

The petitioner also made claims about Sheriff Suta’s personal conduct and lack of professionalism.

“I don’t know how we have a sheriff that has allowed this stuff to go on,” said Welker

“In the initial election, there was four of us running, so there was a lot of, you know when you’re running against one person there’s a lot of politics involved. So, when you’re running against three, there’s an enormous amount of politics. And, I still had an enormous amount of support. I’m not perfect by any means, you know I’ve made mistakes, but I obviously deny these allegations,” Suta said.

Suta said he received around 200 text messages of support since the release of the petition.  Petitioners plan to circulate the petition in every town in Pondera County.