GREAT FALLS – An 18-year-old is facing criminal charges after he allegedly caused a multi-car crash in Great Falls on Saturday.

Aaron Brogan has been charged with criminal endangerment, reckless driving, speeding and a red light violation for a multiple-vehicle crash at the intersection of 8th Avenue North and 9th Street North in Great Falls.

Brogan allegedly crashed the car he was driving into another vehicle after trying to run a red light.

According to the Great Falls Police Department, the incident started after Brogan and another person got into a  dispute at the Great Falls Riverside Railyard Skate Park. Both parties were in vehicles and a brief chase began after the person in the first car flashed a handgun at Brogan.

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The cars reached speeds up to 50 mph in a 25 mph speed zone while traveling along River Drive, on to 6th Street and then on to 8th Avenue North.

The first car ran the red light at the intersection of 8th Avenue North and 9th Street North. Brogan also tried to run the red light but T-boned a third vehicle in the intersection. One minor in the third vehicle sustained injuries that are not believed to be life threatening.

Brogan’s truck then flipped, crashing into two other parked vehicles in its path, along with a historical wall on the property as it came to rest on its top.

Denise Burk, a neighborhood resident, was one of the first people on scene.

“The truck was crushed pretty well. He’s lucky to be alive,” Burk said. “I got down on my hands and knees to assess and make sure that everybody was able to get out of the truck. And, he was able to kind of lay down and crawl out the opposite side of the vehicle.”

Burk added that her neighbors were parked along the road and lost two vehicles when the truck rolled.

Property owners said the wall that was damaged was built in 1901 and the Historical Society will have to approve its replacement before they can move on with repairs.

Authorities are still investigating and searching for the other person involved.

Other charges could be brought against Brogan as the investigation continues. His bond has not been set.