Big Sky Chronicles: 44th annual history conference

HELENA – The Montana Historical Society is gearing up for its annual history conference, coming in September.

The 44th annual event will be held in Helena this year and will focus on Montana in 1917.

This year’s conference is titled ‘Time of Trouble, Time of Change’ and focuses on different aspects of life in Montana during the first World War.

Topics include sedition, the important role women played during wartime, and the north Butte mining disaster of 1917.

Outreach and Interpretation Program Manager Kirby Lambert said there is still time to sign up for the conference and all are welcome.

“One of the great things, I think, about the conference, is it’s not an academic conference, in the sense that you would get a bunch of professional historians that people might find kind of dry,” explained Lambert.  “It’s very much for anyone who likes Montana history, people who are passionate about our state’s past and they come together and learn.  There’s a lot of socializing, so it’s just a good time.”

To learn more about the cost of the conference and how to sign up, go to the Montana Historical Society website or contact Kirby Lambert at 444-4741.