(HELENA) Authorities say a man whose body was found in a creek near Lincoln this week apparently drowned.

An autopsy was conducted Thursday at the state crime lab in Missoula. Lewis and Clark County Coroner Bryan Backeberg said the preliminary results showed injuries consistent with drowning.

Backeberg said the state crime lab has recovered the man’s fingerprints, and they are still waiting on results for a possible identification.

The man’s body was recovered from Copper Creek Wednesday. A father and son spotted it while fishing and notified law enforcement.

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Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said his office is still investigating how and why the man ended up there and if he had any history of mental health issues or drug use.

Authorities found a stolen car from the Lincoln area parked several miles away, at the Indian Meadows trailhead. Dutton said investigators are trying to determine what connection it may have to the case.