GREAT FALLS – First Call Resolution (FCRbegan operating in the Strain Building in downtown Great Falls on June 5.

Great Falls is the first center that FCR has opened outside of its home base of Oregon. The company provides an enhanced level of customer service for a variety of innovative companies in the health, tech, and financial industries.

FCR Senior Director of Operations Dan Welliver explained: “We consider ourselves a contact center because we don’t only just do phone call support, we also do other platforms of support for customer service. FCR uses several social media networks to communicate among themselves, and enhance customer service for their clients.

FCR currently has about 50 employees at the Great Falls facility, and they plan to hire about 150 more people by the end of the year.

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Holli Lanes, the human resources manager, noted, “Our bottom line is our colleagues. That is the bottom line for our culture and we base our company on our colleagues, we’re only as good as our colleagues.”

“Anything for us to bring excitement to the colleagues’ day, we’ll do. So, International Talk Like A Pirate Day, which is coming up in September, I would probably consider it one of FCR’s main traditions, and anything from site-wide activities to dressing up,” explained Welliver.

They also do spirit days, and the most prevalent spirit animal they celebrate is mythical creature: the unicorn.

“Unicorns are unique and they’re special, and they are magical creatures. So we like to say, ‘Be like yourself, be like a unicorn,” explained Lanes

In addition to vibrant colors, FCR uses LED lighting on black ceilings instead of fluorescent lighting on white ceilings; which has been proven to reduce eye-strain, headaches, and stress.

The average colleague works at the company for three years, which FCR said is much longer than the majority of other call centers.

FCR aims to employ roughly 300 colleagues in Great Falls by the end of 2018

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