Arrastra Creek Fire, courtesy: Inciweb

LINCOLN – Fire officials will update Lincoln residents on the status of three wildfires burning in the area at a community meeting Wednesday night.

The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office evacuated residents in the upper Stonewall area Tuesday night.  According to the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest, about 16 homes are affected.

Tuesday night wind conditions changed direction to the northeast, causing increased fire behavior. Authorities said a spot fire in that area had them concerned. However, they said the evacuation was a precautionary measure at this point.

The two larger fires, the Arrastra Creek and Park Creek fires, are located just a few miles north of Lincoln. The fires, combined, have burned over 9,000 acres.

Map courtesy Inciweb
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The Alice Creek Fire, 16 miles northeast of Lincoln, has burned a total of 50 acres and is still zero percent contained.

Fire officials reported that on Tuesday helicopters dropped 158,984 gallons of water on the Park Creek Fire (triple the daily average).  Air tankers dropped 4 loads of retardant to help slow the fire’s progression on the southwest corner of the Arrastra Creek Fire.

On Wednesday, fire crews plan to use predicted cooler temperatures to their advantage. They will continue to remove fuels that contribute to the growth of the fires.

The meeting will be at Hooper Park in Lincoln at 7 p.m. The Hutton Incident Management Team will provide an update on the status of the fires and evacuation.

Trail and road closures are still in effect.

Arrastra and Park Creek closures courtesy Inciweb