Courtesy U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

HELENA – Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks announced Tuesday that a search for invasive mussels in the Tiber Reservoir last week came up empty.

The five divers involved in the search efforts were from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They coordinated with Montana FWP.

The area of focus was the Tiber Dam.

FWP says the structure of the dam is ideal mussel habitat. They prefer areas that are solid such as rocks.

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The divers didn’t extend their search past a depth of 35 feet, FWP says. Water deeper than 35 feet, reduces the habitat for the invasive mussels significantly.

The divers also searched rock outcroppings around Turner Point at the reservoir. No adult invasive mussels were discovered.

The divers are part of FWP’s monitoring plan for Tiber Reservoir after water samples last year came back positive for aquatic invasive mussel larvae.

The monitoring plan also includes an increased frequency of water sampling at the reservoir. So far this year water sampling across the state has come back negative.